We are participating in the Art Van Charity Challenge 2016

 We're involved in the Art Van Charity Challenge, a friendly fundraising competition raising money for causes like ours. Please help by giving what you can so our organization can win the grand prize of $100,000.Learn more by viewing our video: read more

My Hope -- A Client's Poem

     Many of Our Hope's clients find it helpful to put their thoughts on paper.  As part of recovery, many find that journaling or writing can help focus the mind and relieve anxiety in addition to being a useful tool in self-discovery.  Recently one of our clients... read more

Trying Something New

When was the last time you stretched yourself and tried something new?Clients visited the Meijer Gardens with staff last week. Most of them had never visited the beautiful gardens right here in Grand Rapids. The Butterfly exhibit was full of people because it was a beautiful, sunny day. When they... read more

Marinda's Story of Hope

 Marinda’s Story of Hope “If anyone had ever told me that at the age of 54 I would be an alcoholic I would have said, “Never!” Never say never.Up until the last four years of my life I lead a very productive, organized and controlled life.  A smile was always on my face and my shoulder... read more

September is Recovery Month

Erika Oliver describes Our Hope's approach to helping women. View her video at 

Free from the Chains of Addiction

Story of Hope By Erica Hernly It was a cold, blustery day in December when I heard sirens blasting. Red and blue lights were flashing in my rearview mirror.  I knew I was in serious trouble, and panic began to overwhelm me.  I had been in jail before, for minor violations of probation.... read more

Happy Mother's Day - Kristin's Story of Hope

 Happy Mother's Day! In honor of mothers everywhere, we are sharing Kristin's Story of Hope... In 2006 I was in my late 30’s, single, between careers, and had just moved back to my home town of Grand Rapids. On the outside, I looked like a successful career woman. The truth is, what I... read more

5 Key Ways of Dealing with On-Going Stress after Treatment

 5 Key Ways of Dealing with On-Going Stress after TreatmentBy Lateesa Smith,Our Hope Residential Services Specialist & Recovery Coach It’s overwhelming to leave treatment because you are just beginning to discover yourself. I know from my own personal experience this is how I felt.... read more

The Work of Early Sobriety

Part of learning to live sober is learning how to do things differently. A visit to see the butterflies at the gardens can feed the spirit and allow the space to integrate some of the work being done in treatment. What are some ways you take care of your spirit?    
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