How often will I see my therapist?


We take a team approach to therapy and pride ourselves on being very accessible to our clients. While you will have a primary therapist who will work with you on your assessment, treatment planning, individual therapy, and continuing care planning, you will also have the benefit of working with our entire clinical team. This allows you to form relationships with and receive therapy from clinicians with a wide range of styles, personalities, and expertise. It also makes groups and therapeutic support much more accessible since there will be multiple clinicians you know and trust working with you on a daily basis. Women in the Residential Treatment Program have formal contact with members of the clinical team in a group setting every day that they attend treatment and meet with their primary therapist for an individual therapy session once per week. In addition, due to our home-like environment, there is a great deal of informal contact between therapists and clients, and the clinical team is also available for additional support as needed throughout the week.

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