Frequently Asked Questions

Following are several categories of questions we are asked frequently, with specific questions and answers following each.  You will find questions about daily living and policies for women in Residential Treatment, in-depth descriptions of Our Hope's services and paying for treatment. Please scroll down to find the areas that interest you.  If you are not able to find your question or if you need further clarification or help, please feel free to call us at 616-451-2039 or contact us online. 

Interested in Volunteering? Get Involved

Please look over the list below to see if you think Our Hope could benefit from your help.  Chances are, if you’re interested in donating your time and talent, we can find a spot for you.  If you have any questions or are interested in pursuing one or more of the volunteer opportunities noted, please call our office at 616-451-2039 Ext. 228 or contact us on-line.  We’d love to hear from you!

  • Fund Development Committee – This is a group of individuals, with significant experience in Fund Development, Marketing and Event Planning, working in partnership with Our Hope’s Executive Director and Development Coordinator, with primary responsibility for developing and executing Our Hope’s marketing and development plans. This committee meets monthly at the Residence and can involve as much additional effort as you’re willing to give. Please call or contact us on-line if you're interested in joining this very active committee!
  •  Opportunities for Professionals – Our Hope welcomes volunteers from all walks of life, but we have special needs that only professionals can fulfill, including:
    • Landscape Maintenance
    • Heating/Cooling/Plumbing Specialists
    • Carpenters/Construction Specialists
    • Licensed Medical and Dental Professionals


Please let us know if you can help by calling 616-451-2039 Ext. 228 or contacting us on-line.  We’d love to have you join us!

Treatment & Other Services

What types of therapy do you offer?

What is a typical day of treatment like?

How often will I see my therapist?

What if I am already seeing a therapist?

Daily Living & Policies for Treatment

If you are considering Residential Treatment at Our Hope, you probably have many questions. In addition to the basics of what to expect and what to bring, you are undoubtedly very anxious, even afraid, of what life might be like once you enter treatment and begin your journey to recovery.  We would love to talk to you personally, but hope the following information and thoughts from our Clinical Team, all of whom are Master’s level Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors and women themselves, will help to ease some of your anxiety. 

What Should I Bring to Residential Treatment?

Are you a religious program?

What is "community living" in treatment and why is it important?

What does it mean when you say that I must take personal responsibility for my recovery?  Why is that important?

Why does it seem like I have to give up so much personal freedom if I enter Residential Treatment at Our Hope?

Paying for Treatment

What does treatment cost? 

When do you expect payment for services? 

Do you accept insurance for your services? 

Do you accept Medicare or Medicaid?

Do you accept credit cards as payment for your services? 

Do you accept personal checks as payment for your services? 

May I spread payment out over a number of weeks/months instead of paying it all in advance? 

Do you offer any financial assistance for payment of your services? 

What is included in the cost of Residential Primary Treatment? 

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