Substance Abuse Treatment for Women: Our Approach

Our work is grounded in the 12-Step philosophy. Using this philosophy and our clinical expertise in therapeutic women-centered recovery:

We welcome women at all stages of readiness

With such diverse strengths, struggles and stories, it is no surprise that women walk many different paths to recovery. Such a personal journey requires an equally personal plan for healing. Our skilled therapists help women from all walks of life prepare for change, most often starting with a thorough assessment and the creation of a plan that begins and ends where each woman needs it to.

We encourage honesty rooted in hope

Successful recovery depends on a woman’s honesty with herself, her therapists, and her loved ones. For many women suffering from the diseases of alcoholism and/or addiction, honesty leads to shame, guilt and fear. We help each woman break down these feelings by upholding her dignity and helping her identify her unique strengths. Through a combination of one-on-one therapy, group sessions and other services, we empower every woman to share her story honestly and take on the personal responsibility of confronting and dealing with her inner self.

We heal the whole woman

Many intensely personal wounds can contribute to or are caused by alcoholism and/or addiction. These can be emotional, physical, spiritual or social in nature, and as long as they go unaddressed, they can continue to stand in the way of recovery. We help women explore these wounds and overcome the pain they create, so the journey to recovery comes from a place of healing, strength and hope.

We build resources for a lifetime of recovery

Just as the patterns of alcoholism and addiction can build over many years, so too must the tools for recovery be nurtured for the long term. We guide women to replace unhealthy patterns with inner strengths, new coping skills, and support networks. Leaving Our Hope does not mean a woman will never have to face her alcoholism or addiction again, but it does mean she will have a foundation for overcoming them… a foundation that is supported by our continuing care services. Ready to take the next step in your recovery? We’re ready to help. Contact us to learn more and make an appointment to speak with a therapist.

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