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A dignified place to do difficult work

Change does not have to happen in a cold, clinical space. In fact, research shows that the journey to recovery from alcoholism and/or addiction is more effective when it takes place in a healing and warm space, especially for women. Our work happens in a surprisingly non-institutional setting: a dignified home hidden away in a historic West Michigan neighborhood. This is an inviting space where women participate in a variety of programs, including Residential Treatment, individual and group therapy, and more.

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Our facility includes a gracious main home where our "community living" philosophy plays out, with private spaces also available. There are rich opportunities to connect with other women in recovery and our all-female, highly experienced staff. You'll learn you're not alone in trying to reclaim your life and share wisdom and a common bond through your day-to-day activities, both therapeutic and leisure. In addition to the main house, our Carriage house has areas for individual therapy and a newly remodeled multi-purpose Group Room, serving residents. Our facility is:

  • Welcoming and home-like, providing a safe space for taking on uncomfortable feelings and important change
  • Private and secluded, ideal for women who would like to seek treatment away from their homes, women who would be more successful away from a group of peers who may enable their habits, or women who need to escape their daily routine in order to face their alcoholism, addiction and the mental health and emotional conditions related to these diseases
  • Safe and comfortable for families and loved ones, especially children, to visit and be part of the healing process
  • Conveniently located near downtown Grand Rapids, just 20 minutes from an international airport, minutes from an Amtrak station and on a major bus line.  Please click here for driving directions.
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