A Beautiful Transformation--A Current Resident's Thoughts on Recovery

Apr 17, 2014

Change, the metamorphosis of a butterfly.  The transformation from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly.  The beautiful transformation of God's creation.  So this transformation can in many ways be compared to the transformation from using to sobriety and drugging to recovery.  As a butterfly changes, it undergoes change after change.  It nourishes itself in order to grow, just as we have to nourish ourselves in order to grow.

                                                                                  butterfly metamorphosis

In recovery, we have to be prepared for change.  We have to be ready to undergo metamorphosis to come out the other side alive.  So many times we are near death coming into recovery and in order to survive, we need to nourish our minds, bodies and souls so that we may live happy, healthy lives.

God has granted me the serenity in order to endure the struggle of change.  Change nourishes my mind, body and soul as the sweet nectar of a flower nourishes that of a butterfly.  The wisdom is the tree that serenity sits on, it grants us the sight to see the change, to see where we have come from and to see where we are going.  Acceptance of change is the flowers; it's the nectar that nourishes us; it's the stepping stones that guide us to freedom.

What a beautiful transformation.  I am grateful for change and transformation and the enlightenment it has brought to my life.

April 3, 2014

Photo credit to www.allposters.com


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