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Over 45 years ago, a small group of Grand Rapids community leaders who had been personally affected by alcoholism or addiction came together as a voice against these diseases that had always been known for shame, stigma and silence. That voice became Our Hope, one of the few treatment facilities in the United States solely dedicated to women-centered recovery from alcoholism, addiction and the mental health and emotional conditions so often occurring with these diseases.

We exist to help women discover recovery that is rooted in honesty, healing and hope. And we want you to join us. Will you help women start or sustain their journey to recovery?

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Why your gift matters

At Our Hope, we believe that the unique strengths, struggles and stories of women deserve an equally unique plan for recovery. Our women-centered approach is critical because:

  • Substance abuse is a large and growing problem among women. Women age 18 and over represent about 30% of the substance abusing population in the United States. The number of women arrested for driving while intoxicated has increased 30% in the last 10 years.
  • Addiction in women looks different than addiction in men. Women are more likely than men to abuse multiple substances, such as alcohol and prescription drugs. They are also more likely to suffer from the stigmas attached to substance abuse, choosing to use in private while men are more likely to use in a social setting.
  • The consequences of addiction can be more severe for women. Female alcoholics are seven times more likely than men to develop depression, and their alcohol-related death rates (e.g., from suicide or related diseases) are 50 to 100% higher than men's.
  • The effects of addiction go beyond the individual woman. Given the roles many women fill as mothers and caregivers, one woman’s addiction and/or alcoholism has the potential to shape the lives of her entire family.

How you can be part of our work

  • Join us for a tour, offered by appointment by calling 616-451-2039 Ext. 228. 
  • Donate online now by using the PayPal button above, or by mail or in person. Your gift can be directed to one or more of our five funds:  The General Fund, The Financial Assistance Fund, The Mueller Wellness Fund, The Nelson Fund, The TLC Fund and Giving Tuesday  The purpose of each fund is outlined here.
  • Purchase or donate items on our wish list.
  • Volunteer or join a committee. We are actively seeking new volunteers for tasks ranging from administrative support and maintenance to fundraising and outreach. View current available opportunities.

Our Hope is an independent, 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization and relies on charitable contributions to supplement earned income and public funding. All gifts are tax-deductible.

Give healing. Give Hope. Donate Today!