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A Beautiful Transformation--A Current Resident's Thoughts on Recovery

Change, the metamorphosis of a butterfly.  The transformation from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly.  The beautiful transformation of God's creation.  So this transformation can in many ways be compared to the transformation from using to sobriety and drugging to recovery.... read more

Deb's Story - Every gift helps a woman in need

As a leader in guiding women to lifelong recovery from alcoholism and addiction, Our Hope is in a unique place to help them create the lives to which they aspire. Deb is one of these women.Last June Deb nearly drank herself to death. Following 9 days in the hospital, her father brought her to Our... read more

I was a "functioning alcoholic" until I wasn't: An Our Hope Board Member's Story

 Until 1996, it appeared I was leading a charmed life—happily married for 10 years to a wonderful man, two beautiful, smart, healthy kids, a successful 16-year career as an Executive at a Fortune 500 Company—and then the façade began to crumble...  We only fool ourselvesI fooled... read more

From Addiction to Recovering the Joy of Motherhood: An Our Hope Staff Story

Ten years ago, I was a good mom of two.  Today, I'm a much better mom of four, a grandmother and a Residential Services Specialist and Recovery Coach at Our Hope.  It's the in-between that's filled with lessons learned the hard way...Crack cocaine was my best friend and my worst enemyIn... read more

Our Hope's Own Kristin Hickok Shares Her Alcoholism Recovery Story

We are just so proud of Our Hope's Residential Services Coordinator and Recovery Coach, Kristin Hickok!  In conjunction with Recovery Palooza, a major celebration of recovery for all of West Michigan, Kristin shared her story of alcoholism and recovery with the West Michigan audience of the... read more
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