Deb's Story - Every gift helps a woman in need

Dec 05, 2013

As a leader in guiding women to lifelong recovery from alcoholism and addiction, Our Hope is in a unique place to help them create the lives to which they aspire. Deb is one of these women.

Last June Deb nearly drank herself to death. Following 9 days in the hospital, her father brought her to Our Hope. So weak, she needed a walker to get around. Staff and fellow clients supported her through her initial days of delirium tremors and hallucinations. All she remembers from that first week is she was not drinking and “surrounded by nice people.” She describes a feeling of compassion and “not being judged.” After 30 days, her dad came to visit and gratefully greeted a smiling daughter with bright eyes. While supportive of her continued stay, her family’s ability to financially pay for treatment had run out. Utilizing the Financial Assistance Fund (FAF), Deb was approved for an additional 30 days. In recalling the moment she learned she was the recipient of this fund, Deb’s eyes filled with tears. “It gave me so much hope.” Now sober and employed, Deb has reclaimed her roles as daughter, mother and sister. Thanks to her treatment at Our Hope, she is strong and life is good. Deb’s father poignantly reflected, “now we can live life and enjoy the rest of our days together.”

Humbled by the unique strengths, struggles and stories of the women we serve, their journeys are at the heart of our work. Since its initiation two years ago there have been 25 recipients of the FAF, for which we receive an enormous volume of requests. Our goal is to double the number of women who benefit from the FAF. This fund, as well as the three other named funds described here rely 100% on charitable gifts. Gifts to the General Fund allow us to designate where funds are most urgently needed to serve the women who come through our doors.

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