What does it mean when you say that I must take personal responsibility for my recovery? Why is that important?


Alcoholism and addiction create many self-defeating habits.  Even in abstinence, these habits tend to continue until long-lasting emotional, physical, spiritual and social changes are made.  Through one-on-one and group therapy with our expert Clinical Therapists, 12-Step meetings and the development of healthy relationships, a woman can work on building a stable foundation to support her recovery.

While in treatment at Our Hope, you will focus on triggers and other factors that influenced the progression of your alcoholism and/or substance use to prevent future relapse.  We know and teach that addiction is a disease which becomes more chronic over time.  We believe that addiction is a “no-fault” illness and that any woman can assume responsibility for her life once she seeks help.  Learning to take responsibility for your choices is a core component of personal growth. 

Typically, alcohol and/or drug use begins as a way to help manage your stress or provide an escape from problems.  Some women have troublesome pasts, including abusive relationships and/or a history of trauma.  It can become easy to think that a person or situation caused your alcoholism or addiction.  This just keeps you in a cycle of blame and prevents the development of healthy coping skills and taking control of your life.  Changing this means that you allow us to help you learn to nurture your emotional well-being and take an honest inventory of your strengths, abilities and talents.  It also means that we help you work through anger, resentment and pain, thereby allowing you to transform and find the peace you’ve been seeking.  In the end, you will be empowered to once again (or maybe even for the first time!) take control of your life and quite possibly, even like yourself.

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