Why does it seem like I have to give up so much personal freedom if I enter Residential Treatment at Our Hope?


Seeking treatment is an important and life-changing decision.  It’s likely you have made several attempts to stop drinking or using substances already.  Your life may be inundated by the chaos and turmoil that is so common to the diseases of alcoholism and addiction.  You may have suffered consequences as a result of your disease and probably felt deep despair.  We understand.  That is why, when a woman enters treatment at Our Hope, she enters a healing environment that is supportive and protective.  We have developed consistent, structured programming that reinforces feelings of safety and promotes healing.  We provide an intimate and supportive atmosphere filled with compassionate, skilled, trustworthy professionals who know the face of alcoholism and addiction well.

We know that most women in early sobriety experience problems managing emotions, thinking clearly, coping with stress and maintaining adequate self-care.  These symptoms typify an important part of what is called Post Acute Withdrawal and, without being addressed, frequently contribute to relapse.  It is crucial for a woman to be guided, supported and monitored throughout this beginning phase of her recovery to allow her body, brain and spirit time to recuperate and heal.  To help promote this process, Our Hope’s treatment programs limit contact with outside family and friends for a short period because we know that a woman is in a vulnerable state and needs time to acclimate to her treatment.  For some, this can be a difficult time, but it is pivotal to helping her focus on maintaining her early sobriety.  We strongly encourage each woman we serve to accept the support of other recovering women who provide hope and validation through their shared experiences, thereby easing these challenges.

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