How We Work

At Our Hope, we believe you are more than your addiction. We see you as a whole woman, with physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs and strengths. Even if you feel you can’t see these strengths right now, we’re ready to help you discover them. As we like to say, you can “borrow our hope” until you are ready to build your own. We do this because we know that hope and healing are at the heart of long-term recovery. If we don’t first work to understand and heal the whole woman, how can we expect her to overcome her addiction?Working like this requires a level of clinical expertise, understanding, and compassion that can only come with experience. Our Hope’s approach and team reflect a unique combination of personal and professional experience:

  • Our  team is highly qualified, including clinicians who are Master's Level Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors licensed in substance abuse and mental health therapy.
  • Our Hope achieved top ratings from the Center for Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, more commonly known as CARF.
  • Many members of our Staff, Board and founding families are either in recovery personally or have walked with a loved one in a journey to recovery from alcoholism or addiction.
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