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What to Bring

Following is a list of items we suggest women bring as they enter Residential Treatment at Our Hope. Our experience suggests that the list is complete, but if you have any questions or would like to ask about items not included on the list, please call our office at 616-451-2039 or contact us on-line.

Suggested items to bring…​

  • Comfortable clothing for Michigan weather over a 90-day stay – Sometimes the ladies go on walks with a staff member and help with keeping the sidewalks/entrances clear of snow in winter, etc. Be mindful that you will be sharing a bedroom/closet when you are packing, that space is limited to a dresser and shared closet and Our Hope doesn’t have additional storage space. Please bring hangers for anything you want to hang.

  • Laundry detergent, dryer sheets, and a roll of quarters – We have a coin operated washer/dryer on site - $2.50 per one load to wash and dry.

  • Hygiene products – Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, feminine hygiene products, etc. No products containing alcohol are permitted i.e. hand sanitizer, mouthwash with alcohol content, etc. Travel size will be allowed; (Can bring in empty travel size container if bringing in large bottles of products. (Aerosols, perfumes, nail polish remover, etc. can be used but are kept in staff office).

  • Alarm clock – Everyone is expected to be checked in by 8:30am and dressed by 9am for morning meditation.

  • Stamps, envelopes, stationary, pens, pencils – For letter writing, journaling, etc.

  • Bath linen – Everyone is expected to bring a towel and washcloth.

  • Our Hope provides bedding–A pillow is provided, but it’s ok if you prefer to bring in your own as well.

  • Prescribed medications (30-day supply and refills, particularly if client does not have a doctor in Kent County) – There are some prescribed meds that are not permitted at Our Hope so check with the Intake Coordinator prior to intake about any that may be in question. Prescribed medications must come in their original containers.

  • Over-the-counter medications - Must be sealed coming in or they will be held until discharge. All over the counter medications will be locked up in staff office. Our Hope has approved over the counter medications available for a variety of needs (Ibuprofen, Tylenol, antacids, Pepto-Bismol, stool softener, melatonin, multivitamins and vitamin C).

  • Personal ID card/insurance card, and a bridge card if you have one.

  • Money –Our Hope has a small lock box to hold money, credit cards, etc. and we recommend not having large amounts of money on your person. Having cash available for laundry, bus fare, medical co-pays, etc. is recommended and can be locked in staff lock box.

  • Headphones/iPod/MP3 – Approved as long as it does not have internet capability (Not Wi-Fi Compatible)

  • Candy/chips/gum/snacks – Snacks are available at Our Hope, but if you would like to bring candy, chips, etc., it must be in a single serving size or you will be asked to share with the community. Sealed items only and nothing homemade. These snacks are to be kept in your personal drawer that you are assigned.

Our Hope is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items.

What NOT to bring…

  • Cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, e-cigs… SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED on Our Hope property or Our Hope scheduled outings. All smoking-related items will be destroyed at intake. Smoking cessation assistance will be provided upon entering Our Hope if needed.

  • Cameras, cell phones, pagers, computers, iPads, video recording devices, etc.

  • Weapons, scissors, box cutters, or any other sharp objects are not allowed. Weapons will be confiscated.

  • Narcotics, prescribed or not, are not allowed. Over-the-counter medications that are outdated or have broken seals will not be allowed and will be disposed of by staff.

  • Revealing clothing such as low-cut or see-through tops, excessively tight or excessively loose clothing

  • Attire with slogans that may be offensive or inappropriate in a substance abuse treatment facility

  • Caffeinated products (such as coffee, pop, and energy drinks), hand sanitizer, or items containing alcohol

  • Valuables or valuable items such as jewelry; anything that holds extreme value to you


“All items brought into the facility are subjected to search. Clothing, shoes, etc. will be place in a heat treatment box for sanitary precautions. Please do not bring shoes with rubber soles, or shoes that will be susceptible to damage from the heat. Our Hope is not responsible for any items that may be damaged during the heat treatment process.”

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