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Community Living

When you walk through the doors of Our Hope, you will find a warm and welcoming home where everyone is ready and willing to help you heal in all aspects of your life. We emphasize the importance of community living, providing a rich opportunity to connect with other women also seeking help and a highly experienced staff with clinical expertise in recovery of the whole woman. You learn that you are not alone and that overcoming your alcoholism and/or addiction is not a test of your will, but rather, a process of addressing a powerful disease that can strip one of possessions, relationships and self-respect.

The women who comprise Our Hope’s “therapeutic community” are women trying to reclaim their lives, just like you are, in order to move forward on their journey toward fulfillment and happiness. They share wisdom and a common bond that facilitates self-improvement. The community also helps you develop a healthy dependence on others, giving each woman a unique role in cultivating cooperation, pride and gratitude. This element increases the success of each woman as she seeks healing through healthy relationships.

If you enter Residential Treatment, the concept of community living plays out in many ways. Beyond the philosophy discussed above and group therapy, you are likely to find yourself sharing a bedroom with one or two other women in the program. While some may question this, we believe you will find this to be a wonderful opportunity to make a great new friend, share personal stories and seek advice. You will also join the rest of the Residents in our Dining room for buffet lunches and “formal” sit-down dinners, offering an excellent opportunity to share.

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