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Our Treatment Results

Completing a program at Our Hope does not mean a woman will never have to face her addiction again, but it does mean she will have a foundation for overcoming it. This is a foundation we regularly evaluate to ensure that our programs and services are preparing women for as successful a recovery journey as possible. In our most recent evaluation by a third-party evaluation firm*, studying clients from 2005 to 2010, we learned that:


Clients have higher expectations for quitting following treatment at Our Hope.

Participants in our evaluation were asked to rate the likelihood of quitting substance use on a scale of one to five (one being very low, five being very high) prior to treatment and 30 days following treatment. After treatment at Our Hope, respondents' average expectation for quitting was statistically significantly higher (not due to chance) than their average expectation for quitting prior to treatment. In contrast, a literature review suggests that expectations for quitting typically decline during treatment at many other facilities, as clients face their addictions and the challenges recovery can bring.


Clients have significantly more hope for the future following treatment at Our Hope.

Participants in the same evaluation were asked to rate their expectations for long-term recovery, or hope for the future, on a scale of one to 10 (one being lowest, 10 being highest). There was a statistically significant increase (not due to chance) in Our Hope's clients' hope for the future from before- to after-treatment at Our Hope. This positive increase in hope for Our Hope participants is even more important when considering how it compares to results throughout Kent County. The broader Kent County treatment population actually experienced a significant decline in expected chance of recovery following treatment.


* Substance Use Disorder Outcomes Analysis for Our Hope Association, Research and Evaluation Associates, LLC, 2005-2010


Stories from Our Hope Alumnae

While data can be helpful to decide if Our Hope is right for you or your loved one, what is even more powerful is hearing from women who have been here. These stories capture the compassion and purpose of Our Hope better than any evaluation can. We are proud to share the accomplishments of the women we have served who are members of our growing family of recovering women.


Saved my life

“I can honestly say that Our Hope saved my life. Without the supportive staff, extensive therapy and great deal of life changes that I made, I would never have been able to smile like I can today. I am now able to help other women who have walked the same path that I once did, and show them that it can and will get better.” – H.G.


Sober for seven years

“I used to think bravery was facing the streets during my active addiction. Though, I found that my most courageous moment was walking through the doors of Our Hope to truly face myself. The love, compassion and acceptance brought me back from utter despair. I have been sober for over seven years and continue my process of healing with the help of Our Hope and my loving family.” – E.S.


Believe I have a life worth living

“When I came to Our Hope I was completely dead inside. I had an overdose and when I woke up in the morning I knew I had to do something. I was going to die very soon if I didn’t get help. When I walked through the doors of Our Hope I thought I would be able to dry up for a couple of months so I could get a handle on my using. I had no idea I would be getting so much more. Being at Our Hope and working the program not only brought me back to life, it made me realize and believe I have a life worth living. The staff is so wonderful, trusting, compassionate and real. I have so much love and respect for everyone there. The programs and classes are so appropriate for all the clients. I learned how to be free. That is something I never knew or wanted to do. I learned who I am and how to build on my strengths. I learned how to be sober. I went from drinking 24 hours a day to living a clean and sober life. Without Our Hope I would not be here today. Our Hope is part of me and my journey. It is part of my heart. It gave me the tools to live and learn to love myself. Everyone I know has seen a drastic change in me and Our Hope is partly responsible. I would recommend Our Hope to any woman who wants it. It is a beautiful program. Today, whenever I think about it, or return for a meeting, my heart just fills with joy and gratitude.” – E.J.


Grateful for our sobriety, leaving with much serenity

"We are writing this letter to tell you how very grateful we are to have had this experience at Our Hope. We both came here with much anxiety and we are leaving with much serenity. Our Hope welcomed us both warmly that 1st week. The groups taught us a great deal about our addiction. The staff at Our Hope was excellent, well prepared, empathetic and always willing to help. The home philosophy was such that it helped the group learn to be responsible in such activities as cooking, cleaning and taking care of each individual's room. We are truly grateful for the wonderful warm atmosphere that this rehab offered. This experience far outweighed other rehabilitation programs in every aspect. We will remember the camaraderie and friendships that evolved while here at Our Hope. And, above all we are grateful for our sobriety. This has been so very important and again says a lot about Our Hope and the strength and direction that they lead. The staff has always been willing to help in every way possible and we think this starts with the amazing director, Carolyn Avery, of Our Hope. God bless Our Hope." - 2 alumnae


The gift of a mother's long-term sobriety

"We just wanted to give a note of thanks...My mom has been sober for over

20 years!! This, by God's grace and the help of staff members of Our Hope,

has been a gift to us...Thank you for all you do - you are so very appreciated.

A special thanks to Connie (Beatty), Nancy (Meuller) and Jan (Windsor).

Blessings to each one of these ladies for their role in giving my mom 'Her

Hope'." - daughter and son-in-law of alumna

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