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About Us

Our Hope offers therapeutic Long-Term Residential Treatment, counseling and education to guide women to recovery from alcoholism, addiction and the mental health and emotional conditions so often related to these diseases. A compassionate approach, a dignified home-like setting for treatment, and 50 years of expertise in women-centered recovery make Our Hope one of the best options for women anywhere they are on their personal journeys to recovery.


Our work is rooted in a legacy of caring and compassion that began in 1972. From the start, we have used a combination of our clinical expertise grounded in the 12-Step philosophy, as well as our knowledge of women's unique needs, to offer a special place for women to heal and rediscover hope. We are neither a resort, nor a cold institution, but a dignified, comfortable, safe, home-like place for women to do the difficult work recovery requires.


Offering recovery to women who seek healing from the disease of addiction.


All women will have the opportunity to transform their lives and maintain lifelong recovery.


  • We value the unique roles and needs of women and believe they require a specialized path to recovery.

  • We believe the journey to recovery is more effective when it takes place in a safe and nurturing space.

  • We welcome women at all stages of readiness and work with each woman to achieve her unique recovery goals.

  • We value the role of loved ones in each woman’s life and believe in the importance of addressing family and relationship issues.

  • We are grounded in the 12 Step philosophy.

  • We believe recovery is more than just sobriety.

  • We believe healing is rooted in honesty and hope.

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