How to Help Friends and Family

Women play many roles, which means alcoholism and addiction affect them and those who care about them on many levels. It’s likely that your loved one’s alcoholism or addiction has affected her ability to be the wife, mother, daughter, professional, friend or partner she wants to be. Watching this unfold can be painful for you, your family and friends. More than anything, we want you to know that change is possible, hope is real, and the woman you love can build the tools to reach her potential. Guiding women on this journey to recovery has been our passion and purpose since 1972.


Why choose Our Hope? Compassionate women-centered approach

Using our clinical expertise in women-centered recovery and grounded in the 12-Step philosophy, we offer a compassionate approach to recovery. We focus on healing the whole woman because we know that recovery is most successful when a woman’s emotional, physical, spiritual and social needs and strengths are acknowledged.


Clinical expertise

Our Hope was founded in 1972, during a time when few people talked about alcoholism and addiction, especially among women. Over more than 40 years, we have become a leader in guiding women to recovery. Our team is highly qualified, including Clinical Therapists who are Master's Level Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors licensed in substance abuse and mental health therapy, as well as many women in recovery themselves who are Certified Recovery Coaches.


A dignified place to do difficult work

Our work happens in a surprisingly non-institutional setting: a gracious home hidden away in a historic West Michigan neighborhood. This is an inviting space where women participate in a variety of programs, including Residential Treatment, individual and group therapy, Reiki and more.








Families are a crucial part of the recovery process

While Our Hope's dignified, home-like environment is valuable for women experiencing recovery, it is just as important for loved ones like you. It provides a safe and comfortable setting for families, especially children, to visit and be part of the healing process.  In fact, one of our core values is that families and loved ones affected by a woman's alcoholism or addiction are not only a crucial part of each woman's recovery process, but they need to go through a healing process of their own, alongside the woman they care about.


This is one reason why we include, free of additional charge, an education and Information group for families and loved ones on the last Sunday of every month.  This 1-1/2 hour group is led by a Clinical Therapist who has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of Substance Use Disorders and their impact on families.  Topics covered can include information about the disease model of addiction, how to support your loved one through her recovery, enabling versus support, as well as the role of Residential or Intensive Outpatient Treatment in recovery.  The therapist also tries to answer any questions you have at the time or forward them to someone who can.  A take-home educational packet is also provided and includes, among other helpful suggestions and tips, a list of Al-Anon meetings with locations and times.


Excellent value

Compared to similar programs, Our Hope is one of the most cost-effective options for your loved one.  While all of our services are priced at or below those of other accredited facilities in the U.S., we are always willing to work with you to find a way to make treatment at Our Hope affordable.  For example, thanks to the generosity of our donors, we have established a special Financial Assistance Fund to which any woman may apply to potentially defray some of the costs of Residential Treatment based on demonstrated financial need.  We also partner with some of the largest Health Insurance companies and are working continuously to add more partners in this area.  Please contact our office by phone at 616-451-2039 or online by clicking here to discuss our services and payment options. Ready to take the next step? We welcome your questions as you and the woman you care about consider Our Hope. To learn more or schedule a time to speak with a therapist, please call us at 616-451-2039 or contact us online.