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Professional Referrals

For Women's Alcoholism/Addiction Treatment at Our Hope

How Our Hope can benefit your clients

In 1973, a small group of pioneering leaders founded Our Hope to provide a voice for women against diseases known for shame and silence. Until then, most alcoholism and addiction treatment programs had been designed by and for men. Our Hope's research and experience over the last 50 years has shown that women's unique needs--psychological, emotional, physical, spiritual and social--are best served by women-centered programs like Our Hope's. As a result, Our Hope has become a leader in guiding women 18 and older to recovery from alcoholism, addiction and the mental health and emotional conditions like depression and trauma that so often co-occur with these diseases.

Expertise that complements yours

With our continuum of services, an expert clinical team, and distinct women-centered approach, Our Hope meets a range of needs for professionals seeking a safe, comfortable and dignified space for their female clients’ journeys to recovery. Our work is a complement to:

  • Mental Health Care providers, given our specialization in Residential Treatment and our expertise in addressing alcoholism and addiction along with co-occurring disorders, like depression and trauma, that tend to be more prevalent among women than men.

  • Emergency Room Social Workers and Medical Detoxification Unit Professionals seeking options for female clients in need of assessment or treatment upon release.

  • Criminal Justice System Professionals, especially Probation Officers and Attorneys working with female clients in need of Court-Mandated Substance Abuse Assessments, counseling or Residential Treatment.

  • Medical Health Care Professionals, including Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician's Assistants, Nurses and Medical Practice Administrators who have female patients or colleagues struggling with substance abuse and are in need of assessment, counseling or our Certified Health Professional Recovery Program.

  • Religious Professionals seeking a safe, dignified, therapeutic environment for female parishioners who may be struggling with substance abuse.

Our clinicians include Master’s Level Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors licensed in substance abuse and mental health therapy. Our staff also includes Certified Recovery Coaches who are in long-term recovery themselves.

To learn more, please call or contact us online.

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