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Withdrawal Management

Our Hope is excited about the opening of our Withdrawal Management Program on May 12, 2024! The residential withdrawal program is designed to provide care and instill hope as you or your love one begin your journey to recovery.  Our medical and clinical teams will walk alongside you to safely and comfortably allow you to break the chains of physical dependence to drugs and alcohol.


At Our Hope we understand both the strength of the individual in choosing treatment and the danger they may be in when stopping drugs and alcohol without medical support. Our 10-bed withdrawal management unit is staffed 24/7 by experienced licensed nurses and withdrawal support technicians. Daily check-ins are completed by a Medical Director who is Board Certified in Addiction Medicine. 

Why Withdrawal Management?

  • Safety First – During withdrawal, the body needs additional rest and close medical monitoring as the detoxification process is uncomfortable at its best and life-threatening at its worst– a calm and quiet environment along with hydration and nutritional supports are provided to ensure medical stability and encourage self-care. As a best practice and to ensure the highest level of safety, each bed is a hospital grade bed. You or your loved one will receive encouragement to move at your own pace and follow the queues your body is giving, while also considering recommendations made by medical staff.

  • Individualized Care – Once admitted into the withdrawal management program, one of our Masters Level Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors conducts completely confidential bio-psycho-social assessment to determine unique needs for treatment and talk through expectations. A person-centered treatment plan is developed in collaboration that includes recommendations for the continuation of treatment through our residential treatment and other aftercare services. Our Hope provides Women Specialty Services,  Trauma Informed Care, Motivational Interviewing services as we strive to treat the whole woman with a holistic approach. This allows to help heal, not just the substance use disorder, but other emotional, physical, spiritual or social issues that can continue to stand in the way of recovery. 

  • Continuum of Care – Our Hope offers the only withdrawal management program paired with long-term residential treatment that accepts Medicaid as payment in all of West, Southwest, and Central Michigan. Our "all-in-one" ability allows decrease barriers to treatment and provides smooth transitions into the next level of care. This provides the opportunity to slowly begin engage in group therapy and other scheduled activities once physically ready, but before fully transitioning into the Residential Treatment program. 

  • Permission to focus on you – Sometimes the demands of family, a job, or the influence of friends can stand in the way of taking care of yourself and getting help. Withdrawal Management can be the first step to taking care of your needs.

What to Expect

  • Round-the-clock supervision by a trained medical team

  • Daily Medical Director who is Board Certified in Addiction Medicine to determine progress

  • Prepared meals conducive to the detoxification process

  • Therapeutic support by our clinical team based on your unique needs for treatment

  • Opportunities to participate in one-on-one therapy, group sessions, optional services and programs, social and cultural outings, and more

  • An easy transition into the next level of care through our Long-Term Residential Program


Ready to take the first step in your recovery? We’re ready to help. Get help today or contact us to learn more about all of Our Hope's services and pricing or to make an appointment to speak with a therapist.

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