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Transportation Specialist: 
Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Driver 

Position Summary:

The Transportation Specialist is responsible for supporting Our Hope Association by performing a variety of duties and projects related to the residential care of Our Hope clients. This position works as a team to provide the best possible quality clinical care staying within the scope of the profession.

Essential Responsibilities:

  1. Greet all visitors to Our Hope, providing direction as needed. Provide a welcoming environment for all clients and guests at all times.

  2. Provide transportation for up to 24 clients 3-8 times per week.

  3. Transport clients to 12 step meetings, recovery supports, community activities and appointments.

  4. Assist in maintaining a timely schedule of community activities and meetings with clients.

  5. Encourage client participation in varied activities.

  6. Engage in informal conversations regarding client’s personal concern and activities.

  7. Assist with conflict resolution amongst clients with preparation to intervene.

  8. Listen and process client’s personal concerns and issues.

  9. Maintain competency in policy rules and regulations for health and safety requirements.

  10. Continuously drive and support a healthy and safe culture.

  11. Utilize the Insync EMR (Electronic Medical Record) for client record keeping, if needed.


Non-Essential Responsibilities:

  1. Provides back-up assistance to other areas of the organization.

  2. Additional duties that may be assigned by the Operations Director (or their designee).


Supervision Received:

Specific Direction: Follows established work procedures. Receives periodic checks for performance. Refers unique questions/conditions to immediate supervisor.


Supervisory Responsibilities:

No supervision: No supervisory responsibilities.

Education & Experience:

  1. High school diploma or GED equivalent.

  2. Experience in substance use and mental health treatment preferred.

  3. Current certification in First Aid and CPR.

  4. Valid driver’s license and Class C (or higher) CDL with passenger endorsement required.


Other Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  1. Organizational and time management skills.

  2. Good communication skills, decision-making ability, and self-motivation.

  3. Ability to work with a team milieu approach to treatment of women.


Core Competencies:

  1. Responsible: Trustworthy or answerable for their conduct.

  2. Initiative: Ability to act promptly and take steps to solve or settle an issue proactively.

  3. Reliability: Ability to be dependable , trustworthy , and committed to doing the best job possible.

  4. Goal Orientated: Ability to ensure focus on the task objective and perform in accordance with clear expectations and goals.

  5. Friendly: Behaving in a beneficial, amicable, or favorable manner towards someone.

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