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Facilities Technician

Position Summary:

The Facilities Technician is responsible for supporting Our Hope Association by performing a variety of duties and projects related to the health and safety of the facility, the clients, and the employees.  This position will perform a variety of services and complete projects related to health and safety of the organization.

Essential Responsibilities:

  1. Greet all visitors to Our Hope, providing direction as needed. Provide a welcoming environment for all clients and guests at all times.

  2. Provide facilities assistance in offices and living spaces of Our Hope. Address any maintenance needs of the facility or grounds or outsource the project with the coordination of the House Manager(s) and approval of the Executive Director. Respond to all emergency maintenance requests of the clients served.

  3. Perform routine inspections of all Our Hope equipment and procedures related to equipment use and safety. 

  4. Complete monthly or quarterly reports, as indicated by Our Hope compliance standards on safety equipment.

  5. Assist and train staff and clients on safety procedures.

  6. Conduct routine fire, tornado, and safety drills.

  7. Update or create new policies and procedures as needed related to Health and Safety.

  8. Assist with conflict resolution amongst clients and staff with preparation to intervene.

  9. Maintain competency in policy rules and regulations for health and safety requirements.

  10. Utilize the Insync EMR (Electronic Medical Record) for client record keeping.

  11. Provide educational, didactic group sessions for clients, when needed.

  12. Practice and uphold the Our Hope Standards of Excellence and Ethical Codes of Conduct.


Non-Essential Responsibilities:

  1. Provide back-up assistance to other areas of the organization.

  2. Drives clients to 12 step meetings, recovery supports, and appointments as needed.

  3. Maintain a brief record of client’s activities during the shift to facilitate good communication between all team members.

  4. Documents as needed on the Feedback Log or in Progress notes, using professional and appropriate documentation standards.

  5. Additional duties that may be assigned by the Executive Director.


Supervision Received:

General Direction: Plan and arrange own work. Use a wide range of procedures to accomplish assigned objectives.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

No supervision: No supervisory responsibilities.

Education & Experience:

  1. Bachelor's degree specializing in Social Work or related field or equivalent work experience preferred.

  2. Experience in chemical dependency and mental health.

  3. Current certification in CPR and First Aid.

  4. Valid driver’s license and CDL license.

  5. Certified Recovery Coach Credential preferred.


Other Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  1. Knowledge of gender-specific treatment interventions.

  2. Demonstrated ability with word processing software and office equipment.

  3. Organizational and time management skills.

  4. Capable of monitoring facilities and grounds.

  5. Good communications skills, decision-making ability, and self-motivation.

  6. Ability to work with a team milieu approach to treatment of women.

  7. Knowledge of community resources, 12 Step programs, evidence-based practices, and counseling theories.


Core Competencies:

  1. Coordination: Ability to synchronize and integrate activities and responsibilities to ensure that the resources of an organization are used most efficiently in pursuit of the specified objectives.

  2. Organized: Ability to be structured and methodical in working skills, balancing multiple projects, and prioritizing.

  3. Safety Awareness: Ability to identify and correct conditions that affect employee safety and uphold safety standards outlined by safety management.

  4. Conflict Resolution: Ability to effectively deal with others in an antagonistic situation and find a peaceful solution.

  5. Customer Orientation: A desire to serve clients by focusing efforts on listening and responding effectively to customer questions, resolving customer problems to their satisfaction, and evaluating customer satisfaction.

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