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Nursing Director

Position Summary:

The Nursing Director is a supervisory nursing position in a medical detox setting in which 24-hour nursing services are required. The Nursing Director supervises and coordinates all activities of the nursing staff. The Nursing Director also verifies that the client’s needs are met and taken care of.

Essential Responsibilities:

1. Supervising all nursing staff

2. Maintaining high standards of care for all clients

3. Recruiting, training, and onboarding new nursing staff

4. Providing annual trainings and competencies

5. Performance reviews on nursing staff annually

6. Audit documentation on a daily/weekly basis

7. Establish new policies and update/revise existing ones

8. Ensuring the nursing unit is compliant with local, state, and federal regulations

9. Carry out disciplinary action when required

10. On-call in case of an emergency or as needed

11. Scheduling of staff on a weekly basis

12. Overseeing accreditation through CARF

13. Setting objectives and long-term goals for the nursing unit

14. Collaborate with physicians, pharmacists, and other clinical providers to coordinate care and services for the clients

15. Provide oversight of medications to promote client safety

16. Ability to encourage and motivate staff

17. Mandated reporter to the State of Michigan

18. Follow the standards and guidelines set by CARF and the State Licensing

19. Assume the role of floor RN when needed

Non-Essential Responsibilities:

1. Provide back-up assistance to other areas of the organization.

2. Additional duties that may be assigned by the Executive Director.

Supervision Received:

General Direction: Plans and arranges own work. Uses a wide range of procedures to accomplish assigned objectives.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

Advanced supervision: Determines work assignments, priorities, and procedures for subordinates. Responsible for assigning, scheduling, and ensuring the quality and quantity of work. Approves time off and schedule adjustments. Provides training and coaching.

Education & Experience:

1. Valid RN License in the State of Michigan

2. Supervisory experience preferred

3. Current CPR and First Aid certification


Other Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

1. Organizational and Time Management Skills

2. Good communication skills, decision-making ability, and self-motivation

Core Competencies:

1. Customer Orientation: A desire to serve clients by focusing efforts on listening and responding effectively to customer questions, resolving customer problems to their satisfaction, and evaluating customer satisfaction.

2. Drive: Demonstrated passion for performance and a desire for continuous improvement.

3. Presentation: Ability to effectively present information to a group.

4. Interpersonal: Ability to develop and maintain relationships with others and adapt to a situation appropriately.

5. Persuasive: Ability to influence others and change an attitude or behavior toward some event, idea, object or other person.

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