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Recovery Technician

Position Summary:

The Recovery Technician is responsible for supporting Our Hope Association by performing a variety of duties and projects related to the residential care of Our Hope clients. This position works as a team to provide the best possible quality clinical care staying within the scope of the profession.

Essential Responsibilities:

1. Greets all visitors to Our Hope, providing direction as needed. Provides a welcoming environment for all clients and guests at all times.

2. Assists with client admission and/or discharge as needed, including, but not limited to: performing drug screens, searching belongings, orientation into treatment, intake paperwork, and procedural AMA discharge paperwork.

3. Performs room checks, including personal belongings as deemed necessary.

4. Maintains a brief record of client’s activities during the shift to facilitate good communication between all team members. Documents as needed on the Feedback Log or in Progress notes, using professional and appropriate documentation standards.

5. Makes referrals in crisis situations, any emergency.

6. Reports serious infractions, with authority to discharge clients, if appropriate, and communication with the clinical on-call staff.

7. Monitors medications, and valuables of the clients.

8. Assists in maintaining a timely schedule of groups, activities, and meetings for the clients.

9. Oversees household cleaning schedules of the clients.

10. Encourages client participation in varied activities.

11. Oversees clients preparing for discharge.

12. Engages in informal conversations regarding client’s personal concern and activities.

13. Assists with conflict resolution amongst clients with preparation to intervene.

14. Listens and processes client’s personal concerns and issues.

15. Maintains competency in policy rules and regulations for health and safety requirements.

16. Monitors medications for clients and records all medications on client medication forms. Performs medication counts, including controlled medication counts, and document accurately. Always ensure safety of medication cart. Assists in the processing of medication scripts and pick-up medications as needed.

17. Practices and upholds the Our Hope Standards of Excellence.


Non-Essential Responsibilities:

1. Provides back-up assistance to other areas of the organization.

2. Performs chart audits as needed.

3. Drives Clients to 12 step meetings, recovery supports, and appointments as needed.

4. Additional duties that may be assigned by the House Manager and/or Executive Director.


Supervision Received:

Specific Direction: Follows established work procedures. Receives periodic checks for performance. Refers unique questions/conditions to immediate supervisor.

Supervisory Responsibilities:

No supervision: No supervisory responsibilities.

Education & Experience:

1. High school diploma or GED equivalent with some college preferred.

2. One (1) to two (2) years of experience in chemical dependency and mental health.

3. Current certification in First Aid and CPR.

4. Valid driver’s license and CDL license.

5. Certified Recovery Coach Credential preferred.


Other Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

1. Knowledge of gender-specific treatment interventions.

2. Demonstrated ability with word processing software and office equipment.

3. Organizational and time management skills.

4. Capable of monitoring facilities and grounds.

5. Good communication skills, decision-making ability, and self-motivation.

6. Ability to work with a team milieu approach to treatment of women.


Core Competencies:

1. Responsible: Trustworthy or answerable for their conduct.

2. People Development: Ability to improve the performance of others by providing continuous teaching and feedback.

3. Reliability: Ability to be dependable , trustworthy , and committed to doing the best job possible.

4. Customer Orientation: A desire to serve clients by focusing efforts on listening and responding effectively to customer questions, resolving customer problems to their satisfaction, and evaluating customer satisfaction.

5. Friendly: Behaving in a beneficial, amicable, or favorable manner towards someone.

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